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Find out about the different printing processes we provide.

How It Works

Step 1

Gather the information you need for a quote.


  1. How many shirts do you need?
  2. What color would you like for your shirts?
  3. What are your shirt sizes?

Step 2

Place your order and let the fun begin! After your order is placed we’ll start working on the design.

You have three design options:

1. Provide your own premade artwork
2. Use our online designer tool to make and submit your own design.
3. Work with one of our designers to create artwork for you*

*We offer 20 minutes of free design time to all customers! Email inspiration photos, wording you like, photos you want placed, etc. We find most customers can get their designs made during our free design time!

Step 3

Set your delivery date and sit back and relax while we make sure your tees get made fast, affordable, and right!

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct To Garment Printing is a high-tech digital printer that prints ink directly into clothing. It prints high resolution imagery that lasts and can print limitless amounts of colors all at once. This type of printing is perfect for white, light gray or light-colored shirts.

Direct to Garment Pros

1-1000 Printing: Because this type of printing is digital you can print 1 shirt or 1000 shirts with absolutely zero setup fees.

Full-Color Printing: It can print a full rainbow of colors all at once at no extra cost!

Speed: This is our fastest printing process; orders up to 150 can be made within 24 hours.

Affordable: It’s not just our highest quality option, it’s also the most affordable!

Lasting Power: Because the ink is going directly into the garment, this process is incredibly lightweight and durable.

High-Resolution: The latest digital technology in garment printing allows us to print high-resolution photos directly onto your t-shirts.

Direct to Garment Printing with White Ink

This type of printing is a great option for darker-colored garments. It first prints your design in white ink and then prints the color on top of the white. Resulting in a full color and high-resolution print even on darker garments.

Direct to Garment Printing with White Ink Pros

Full Color On Dark Garments: Unlike screen printing with DTG technology you can print limitless colors all at once on dark-colored garments too.

1-200 Printing: Because this type of printing is digital; you can print 1 shirt with absolutely zero setup fees. It is, however, a more time-intensive process so it does have a smaller order maximum.

High Resolution: The latest digital technology in garment printing allows us to print high-resolution photos directly onto your t-shirts.

Lasting Power: In this process, the ink is going directly into the garment, making it incredibly light-weight and durable.

Speed: Because of its fast digital technology, any in-stock items can be made within 24 hours.

High Resolution Full Color Transfers

High-Resolution Transfers are a great option for dark-colored garments. They also offer the highest photo resolution possible. If you are printing a large photo onto a dark-colored garment, then this is the best printing option for you! Transfers are also our most cost-effective dark-colored garment printing option.

Full Color Transfer Pros

No Order Minimum: You can print anywhere from 1-100 without any setup fees.

Cost-Effective: When printing full color on dark-colored garments this is the most cost-effective type of printing.

High Image Resolution: Because the image is first printed and then transferred it has stunning photo detail!

Industrial Grade Vinyl

Vinyl is a great option for high wear items that need extra durability. This type of printing is also the most vibrant and will never fade. It can be printed on both light- and dark-colored garments. Vinyl is great for business uniforms and teams. This is, however, a one- to two-color printing process. This type of printing is great if you have a one-color logo or print need and want to add extra durability and vibrancy to your print.

Vinyl Pros

No Order Minimums: You can print anywhere from 1-100 without any setup fees.

Speed: We can make small quantities of these while you wait!

Vibrancy and Durability: This type of printing is an application so it completely eliminates any type of vibrant garment color showing through. Because it is an application it also never fades.

Limited Color on Dark Garments: Vinyl is a one color application process so it’s best for simple design and logos.

Screen Printing

Screen printing can often feel like a hassle because of the coordination and setup needed. We take all of that away for you, we offer free setup and garment coordination. We order all of your garments for you and screenprint so that you just have one price to worry about.*

*This type of printing is for orders of 50 pieces or more, it also has color limitations of up to 3 colors. Because of its handmade nature it is not one of our quick turnaround services. Please contact us to find out more!

Love from our customers

"I would give them 10 stars if I could! Great quality on top of outstanding customer service! My new go-to shirt shop!"


"We had 16 shirts made on short notice... And they are the most beautiful well detailed shirts i have ever had made yall are super impressive... Thank yall so much.. They are beautiful"

Qween B

"This was my first visit to order our shirts for our business. I was greeted as I entered the shop. Very pleasant staff. Helped me with making a few changes to our logo to get it to look correct with the shirts we are ordering. The final logo on screen looked amazing. Price was better than all of the places I worked with online. The timeline for getting our shirts is one week which I thought was amazing. We are so far pleased with our experience and look forward to seeing the final product"

Attic Thrift SHop

"I've been struggling for so long to find a place that'll hear me out on the designs I wanted for my youth group and for an affordable price. We found this place online and decided to call in and from the phone conversation we felt welcomed and so we went in the next day. We were able to get our shirts designed and printed a sample the same day for a GOOD PRICE!!!! We took the sample that day and showed it to our youth. Took our order in the next day and placed our orders - no other place offered me the prices that shirtztogo quoted me and as much as it sounded tooo good to be true we felt it was a miracle. We've changed our to go to guy to this place!! I give them 2 thumbs up for the great service and for the great prices"

Susitina Ene